Thursday, December 13, 2012

new creations

Here are a few of the things that have been taking up some of my time. 

I am not a good bread maker.  Something about me and yeast do not work well together.  it doesn't matter how easy and fool proof the recipe is, I can not seem to make good bread, rolls, etc.  IT is always so dense.  Well, I found this recipe, and although I don't do well, I always give it a try because some day I hope to conquer my aversion to yeast and bread making.  Well, this recipe says you mix yeast, flour and water together.  Then you let it sit all night long and then bake it.  It is supposed to be dense bread, so it is a perfect recipe for me.  I have made it now a few times and its my type of bread.  Well, I decided to get creative with it and I added some roasted garlic, rosemary and cheese.  
 Then I covered it and let it sit on the counter over night until I was ready to bake it.
Then I turn it out onto the counter while my pan is getting hot.  
Here is my finished product.  We ate it on Thanksgiving with our spinach dip.  It was very good if I do say so myself.  
 Here is my other Thanksgiving weekend project.  I new quilt I did.

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