Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chase's birthday

Chase is very much into pirates, specifically Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He requested a Jake cake a long time ago, and despite my great attempts, never changed his mind.  I searched store after store hoping someone made a Jake cake, which would let me off the hook, but no luck.  I then began searching the Internet until I found one that met little man's approval.  Then my anxiety began of how I would be able to recreate such cake.  Well, here it is.  A  pirate ship with all the characters.  He enjoyed it, but not as much as the pirate boat he opened right before the cake was brought out.  He has played (by himself) for hours since getting the pirate ship present.  I love listening to him pretend and use his imagination during play.    

 This was nap time.  He had opened a few early presents from family members and got some Cars toys.  We put them all in a container so he could play with them all in one place and he actually fell asleep playing with them.  He didn't want to stop playing or let them out of his sight.   

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