Wednesday, October 29, 2014

pictures from France

Caleb sent some pictures.  
He got to enjoy some time in Paris over the past week while his companion had to update his legal status.  This allowed them the opportunity to see all the tourist sights, which he loved.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I have had the opportunity (and will continue to do so for the next year) to mentor this sweet girl.  I have known her for the last 6 plus years.  Recently she made choices that were contrary to law abiding citizens and also decided to drop out of school.  She bravely decided to try a military school in Northern Idaho to get her head back on her shoulders and make something of her life.  I could not be more proud of her and the path she is taking.  Being her mentor, I got to go visit her in Pierce, Idaho (near Orofino, Idaho).  It is about 200 miles from Nampa, but about a 5 1/2 hour drive.  We got to work all day long at this beautiful reservoir and just talk as we worked.  I get to go again in November and then back for graduation in December.  It has been a big commitment, as we write at least weekly, but I hope through all she is going through she knows I am there for her and I know she can do hard things!  So proud of you, Kyla!

Fall sports

We are just finishing up with Fall sports.  Chase got to experience his first season of soccer.  He enjoyed himself.  He plays in a league where it is 3 against 3 with no goalie.  He really enjoys the defensive play, so he often runs back and jumps in the goal to keep it out.  It was just instinct for him to do that.  I fear we may have a goalie in our future and that position stresses a mom out more than any other on the soccer field!!!  I have been down that road with Madeline.  
Dad and Chase
 running down the field
 shooting to score
 Posing just before a new kick off
 Madeline decided this fall to try her hand at volleyball.  She did a volleyball camp this summer and fell in love with the sport.  We signed her up only to learn the team did not have a coach.  Before I knew what happened Mark and I were the coaches.  Never having coached or played seriously, I began searching the internet to learn some skills I could teach.  Needless to say, we played 5 weeks, 2 practices per week and a game every Saturday and we were the only undefeated team.  it was a really fun few weeks and she reports she is ready to try out next year for the school's 7th grade team.  
Here is a picture of Madeline in ready position waiting for the ball
 Madeline bumping the ball over the net

Monday, September 22, 2014


Caleb is alive and doing well in France.  We get weekly updates from him about the fun times, not so fun times and all the work he does every week.  He is enjoying his time in France and loves his companion.  This is a picture he titled "being goofy".  Just wanted to update everyone.  He has now been out 9 out of the 24 months.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First day for Chase

Chase had his first day yesterday at his Montessori school.  This will be his last year of preschool.  He was excited to go back to school (which I honestly wasn't sure if he would get to that point-he loves being home so much).  He got a new teenage mutant ninja turtle backpack and lunch box and was all set.  He said he wants to be a "super hero" or a "policeman" when he grows up (nearly the same thing in our house...).
This is how thrilled he was taking first day of school pictures for mom with a sign...
After lots of encouragement and possibly a bribe, this was the best I got out of him.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Caleb in France

Caleb sent a few pictures this week along with his email.  Thought I would share them.  
Caleb thought it was cool they found a corn field...and so he wanted a picture in front of it.    
 Caleb said this is how he cools off after a run with his companion.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Color Run 8/23/2014

This past weekend, Mark and I (plus a group of friends) did the Color Run (the "happiest 5k on earth").  Through this 3 mile course, there are 4 different color stations that throw color at you as you run.  Mark ran pretty fast, so he is pretty clean.  It was a good time, a fun run and something we would do again.   

Before the race
After the race
 Our group of friends, before the race
Group after the race


Thursday, August 21, 2014

First day of school

Big things have happened in our house this week.  We started school.  Not just any first day of school...
Madeline left her elementary school and is now attending the 6th grade in Middle School
 Cassie left the middle school and started as a freshman in High School.  
 They are both up early in the morning (school starts at 7:30am) getting ready together and then both go to the same bus stop (although they each get on a different bus).  Madeline has never taken a bus before (she has always walked to and from school), so this year is full of change for her.  


We had a free weekend, so we decided to take a quick camping trip to McCall, Idaho.  Kacey was on a church camping trip, so we missed having him with us, but we had a good time.  We drove to our camp sight on Friday night, had some dinner, went on a walk to explore the area and hung out (as typical for camping).  Next morning we woke up, drove a few miles into town and had breakfast at the famous "Pancake House".  The food was huge and delicious.  After that we returned to camp, took it down and then headed to the lake for swimming fun.  The area had a beach and docks to jump off.  After a few hours there, we packed up and headed back into downtown McCall, got chicken for our beach picnic and then enjoyed a few more hours on teh beach, eating and swimming.  Then it was time to pack up and head home.  It was a good time and a "must do" again for next year.  

 The Pancake House for breakfast

Swimming Lessons

This summer kept us busy with swimming lessons.  Chase was first signed up for 2 weeks of swimming, which he passed with flying colors, so we enrolled him for 2 more weeks.  We had 20 days of swimming lessons all in a row.  Needless to say, we were just as excited on his last day of lessons as he was.  He did a great job and is such a fish.  He has no fear.  He jumps off the diving board...backwards and LOVES the deep end of the pool.  After swimming, we took all the family to the water park and had an enjoyable day.  Chase and all the kids loved the rides and just having fun in the sun (no pictures-sorry).

Cassie turned 14

July 30, 2014 Cassie turned 14 years old.  She got what every teenager and beauty products.  We as a family went out to dinner at her chosen restaurant, had her mint ice cream cake she wanted and she had a great birthday.

 The following Saturday night, she got to attend her first church dance with a group of friends and Kacey (his first dance too even though he is 16 years old).  She had a good time and got asked to dance by many.