Wednesday, January 16, 2013

phone update

Here are a few pictures I clean up off my phone.  They are pretty random.
Chase and Mark after a workout at CrossFit.  Chase loves "working out".  He does pull ups, climbs the rope and rides the bike or rows.  It is pretty cute to watch.  
 This was after Madeline's Christmas choir concert.  
Grandpa Palfreyman, Madeline, Grandma Palfreyman, Chase and Cassie
 Madeline sure loves grandpa and grandma and was so excited they came to watch her sing.  
 Madeline was awarded multiple awards after the first trimester at school.  
She made honor roll, got awards for high achievement in math and reading.  
 Good job, Madeline.  Keep up the good work!

Allergy testing

Chase has had different issues with his skin and some breathing difficulties off and on since he was very little. He gets secondary infections due to the scratching of his itchy skin, which brings us into the doctor for antibiotics.  About a year ago, we were referred to a dermatologist, who we have seen and gave us a routine for dealing with his ezcema.  That included tons of medication, bleach baths, no fabric softener, etc.  Well, this past December he got another pretty bad infection around his scratching sores, so back we went.  This time we were referred to an allergist.  Last week I took Chase in for some testing.  He was such a brave boy.  Not a single tear was shed all day.  This is Chase being tested.  This was from a bunch of needles being poked on his back with different allergens.  
 This is the results.  He was determined to be highly allergic to cats and cat hair, dogs, sagebrush, mold (in the air) and eggs.  Due to the egg allergy, we were sent to the hospital for a blood draw (remember I said he didn't shed a tear...he didn't flinch either).  Blood was drawn to see how allergic to eggs he was, since eggs are in darn near everything (including some root beer).  We just got a call that he tested really low and we were told no need to take away egg products from him in baked goods, just not to give him straight egg (Hallelujah!!)

Chase's new bike

Chase got a new bike for Christmas.  He wanted to ride it, even though it has been below freezing for like 15 days in a row.  I let him ride for a few minutes, then forced him against his will to go inside.  It will be a fun summer for this little boy once he can ride and be outside with siblings. 


Last weekend we decided to go sledding with Mark's brother and his family.  During our last sledding adventure, Mark and Chase went down a bigger hill at Simplot Mansion (big sledding hills in town that everyone uses) and little did we all know (because we couldn't see it from the top of the hill) there was a jump right in their pathway.  I watched from up top with all the other kids, as Mark, Chase and the sled hit that unseen bump and Chase and Mark flew out of the sled.  Mark obviously  could secure his body, but Chase flew and then landed hard.  I took off on my butt down the hill and expected to see a bloody little boy.  Instead he was just crying, but OK.  He bumped his head and may have lost consciousness for a moment, as he was out when Mark picked him up (as told to me by my husband later).  Needless to say our sled did not make it.  It broke in half and was no good.  I was a nervous wreck the rest of the time, so I sat in the car to calm my anxiety while the kids and Mark had a good time with our remaining sleds.  (Did I mention a young girl died sledding on these hills a few years ago and just this past weekend a boy ended up in the hospital in serious condition---it is a crazy place).  
Anyway, we needed a new sled for our upcoming trip.  Mark and Chase went shopping and found one that they thought was perfect.  Later that night, this is how we found Chase sleeping.  He loves his sled and was so excited to go with his cousins on a much smaller hill.  I took my camera to take pictures, but yet pictures.  BUMMER!!

New Years Celebration

We unexpectedly had our whole family together for New Year's Eve, which is the first time in years.  We decided to make it a special night with fondue.  We prepared a first course of cheese fondue, which included bread, veggies and grapes.  The next course was our main dish, which included chicken, beef, veggies, and ravioli in hot broth.  To end the night...chocolate.  I had hoped to snap pictures all night long, but this was the only one I ended up with...right before dinner.  We then watched movies and rang in the new year with sparkling apple cider, confetti and noise blowers.  I am excited for this upcoming year.  It will be great I am sure.  
One thing about this new year is I am hoping to be better with blogging.  Mark was just released from his church calling of Ward Clerk and is now working with the Young Men in our church, in the presidency.  That means I will have my Wednesday nights, which I am hoping to get lots (besides watching TV) done one those nights...we'll see how that goes.  Tonight was my first night and I updated my blogs-hooray!!

New Year's Eve bowling

On the morning of December 31, 2012 we went bowling as a family.  We met with Mark's extended family and played a few games.  
Chase with his first bowling experience
 Caleb (and cousin Brooke)
 Mark and a fancy bowling move :)
 me and my honey
 All the bowlers.  Thanks to grandma and grandpa for treating us to a fun morning of bowling.  We all had a good time!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year

Is Going
to be our