Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, Caleb is a picture Caleb sent of his birthday cake (in package we sent him) he made to celebrate his birthday while on his mission.  

I am slow getting around to posting this.  Caleb turned 19 on July 16.  He obviously is in France (not too bad of a place to be for your 19th birthday) on his mission.  We decided to do a fun little care package to him for his birthday, complete with his own cake mix, frosting, candles, balloons, etc.  There were also lots of presents for him to unwrap.  It has also been 6 months since he has been out on his mission so I made him some sugar cookies in the shape of neck ties and the CTR shield.  

time changes

There is a big rock in one of the parks in Poulsbo, Washington.  We always go to this park because it is where you park to walk around and to eat when you are in the town by the water.  The kids (and Mark) have always climbed this rock.  When we were in Washington last month I took a picture of them on this rock once they all made up safely up it.  I remembered I had taken a picture about 3 years earlier, nearly the same pose (with a girl tat had photo bombed our picture).  Isn't it fun to see how time changes everyone.  It is so fun to watch the kids grow up and change.  It happens daily, but to see it right in the same spot years later makes you realize how fast time goes by and how quickly they will be all grown and gone.  

4th of July and Seattle vacation

We got to spend the 4th of July and then the following week in Seattle with grandma and grandpa Merriman.  We loved setting off fireworks over the water and seeing all the amazing (illegal) fireworks displays.  It is a highlight of the year.  We did our journey in Seattle one day, played in the water, journey in Poulsbo and just enjoyed ourselves.  Here are some pictures
grandpa in charge of the fireworks
The kids doing some fireworks (smoke bombs and sparklers) before the big show

 Chase stepped off the top stair and fell down backwards.  His eye was the only casualty of the even.  

Playing in the water 
 siblings bonding at the park
 Mark is a kid at heart.  Had to climb the tree
 Poulsbo, Washington

 Swing fun

Cassie's Birthday

Can't believe this girl is 14 years old.  Happy birthday, Cassie!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Father's Day

Mark is a great father and we loved getting to celebrate him on Father's Day.  The kids had colored him a tie, which he proudly wore to church that day.  I was able to fix him a dinner of his request, steak, salad, baked potato and coconut cream pie for dessert.  
 picture of the tie the kids colored for Mark.  


 Chase played T-ball for the first time.  This was his first experience with organized sports. 

 He did a good job and enjoyed himself.  He played for the Colorado Rockies. 

Seattle June 2014

I love having summers off work.  Right when school got out, the kids and I took a  5 day trip to Seattle, Washington to visit grandma and grandpa Merriman.  Here are some pictures of our beloved vacation.  
Eating ice cream on the ferry boat
 Madeline and Chase loving (or posing in a silly way) on the ferry boat
 Selfie with the gang
 On the lucky pig at Pike Place Market
 Outside Ivars
Madeline and Chase found Nemo and Dori at the Poulsbo aquarium
 painting ceramic in Poulsbo
 finding starfish on grandpa and grandma's beach.  One of our favorite past times
 Chase and Madeline found a Superman frog (one of many frogs we found)
 Chase and Madeline on the deck eating snacks and playing
 Cassie on the beloved tree swing