Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Speaking of Halloween

This is the first year Chase is getting excited for Halloween and for Trick-or-Treating.  He told us a few weeks ago, and surprisingly hasn't changed his mind, that he wanted to be Handy Manny for Halloween.  Here is the costume we put together for him.  He LOVES it and insisted on wearing it all day.  He even slept with the tool belt and requested he wear it to school today (which he did).  Hopefully it will survive the next few weeks before Halloween night.  

On another note...This is our little guy in his Woody pajamas.  He loved them!!  I had to post this adorable picture of him this morning.  He woke up asking for his tool belt and was upset when I told him he needed to get dressed.  Check out his crazy big hair.  We are going to Disneyland next weekend, and for him to ride the Cars ride he has to be 40 inches tall.  He is about 39 inches, so we have not cut his hair in hopes of adding that inch (along with his cowboy boots).  He has the biggest hair when it is wet outside due to his curl.  I called him "big hair" all morning and he thought it was pretty funny.  It would not lay down for nothing!!!

Halloween party 2012

We decided this year we would allow the girls to have a Halloween Party, that they could organize, and then they could each invite 3 friends.  Party was held on Saturday night and it included lots of yummy food, a scavenger hunt for Halloween related items, pumpkin painting, cookie decorating and the movie "The Watcher in the Woods".  This movie made the cut after watching multiple PG scary movies in advance.  It was a hit.  the girls had so much fun and did so much work to prepare it.  they made shopping lists, went shopping, made food, decorated, etc.  
 Chase of course had to get into the party action.  He helped Cassie's team with their scavenger hunt, decorated his own cookie, painted his cookie and then stayed up for the movie (which he had seen already about 3 times with the girls).  He would tell everyone when the "witch" Mrs. Adlewood, was coming.  I thought it was funny.  Once the movie was over he told his dad the movie was about "Karen".  He is so smart!  Then it was off to bed for that little monster.
 Madeline painting pumpkins with her friends.
 Cassie decorating cookies with her friends.

Soccer, sports and updates on kids

It is soccer season and this year Madeline has been chosen to be the team goalie.  She loves this position and the responsibility that comes with it.  She has done a great job playing the entire games and keeping the other team from scoring.  She gets a little nervous prior to her games, but always does her best and has fun, which is all that really matters in the end.  Her season is coming to an end this weekend.  

As for an update on the other kids...Reyna is also playing soccer in California and is having a good time as well.  Hopefully we can get some pictures of her playing soon.  Kacey is involved in his high school football team on the freshman squad and is enjoying his playing time.  Mark will be there in a few weeks to see each of them play.  Cassie is currently in the process of trying out for her 7th grade basketball team and Caleb is busy working his part time job at Chick-file.

Big Boy Bed

Chase has finally moved up in the world.  As of this summer, we knew he would probably sleep in a big boy bed instead of his crib, but we just weren't ready to fight with the possibility of him not staying in bed when put down for the night.  Lately, he has been asking to sleep in other kids' beds when they are not here, so we decided it was probably time.  I converted his crib to his new "big boy bed" and he was happy as can be.  We figured this was a good thing, since he has been sleeping in underwear for months and we worry what would happen if he needed to go potty in the night.  Well, no more worries and surprisingly he stays in bed when put down.  He has had no potty accidents either since wearing underwear.  I say he was officially day trained around 2 years old and day and night by about 2.5 years old.  Awesome!!  Now I am in the process of making some new bedding for his bi boy bed, although he did inherit the newest quilt until then.  We went to the store and picked out some Toy Story Woody fabric, which I have cut and now just need to sew.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Brithday, Reyna

Reyna celebrated her 9th birthday on Sunday.  She reported she had a great day with lots of presents, a soccer cake and overall a good birthday.  Happy birthday, Reyna!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

productive weekend

This weekend allowed me the opportunity, that I don't take advantage of often, to do some projects.  I actually got to finish I quilt I started ages ago.  I tied and bound it and even used it for the day to make sure it worked well.  Then I made a loaf of bread (which is an accomplishment in and of itself because I don't do well with yeast).  I however found this bread that appears fool proof, so even I was successful.  I can't wait to now add lots of goodness to it next time and really enjoy some gourmet bread.  
 My bread...crunchy on the outside, so soft and delicious on the inside.  Next up...roasted garlic, rosemary, cheese bread.  YUM!

that time of year again

Our garden has been harvested and it has been that time where we are busy in the kitchen trying to keep our fruits and veggies useful all year long.  We canned homemade spaghetti sauce, pears and banana peppers.  I was hoping for one more big load of tomatoes for more spaghetti sauce, however night temperatures have dropped into freezing, so not sure that will happen.