Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disneyland day #1

On our first day of vacation, we woke up early, met up with Kacey, Caleb and Reyna and hit Disneyland as soon as it opened. We hit as many rides as we could before the lines got too long. We had such a good time riding, laughing, playing and just enjoying our family being all together again.
This is everyone off the Wharf in Disney California park. Just posing silly for the camera
Chase was so excited when he saw TowMater and Lightening McQueen. We were walking, with him in the stroller and as we walked he wiggled himself out the bottom of the stroller and ran to the cars. We had to grab him and wait in line for our turn. He could not have been more excited. This was a highlight for his trip.
That's us...being kids at Disneyland and loving it just as much as the kids
Chase posing with Pooh's honey pots. This was one of his rides he wanted to do multiple times.
The girls and Chase waiting for the Winnie the Pooh ride
We met up with Woody from Toy Story. Chase was again amazed to see such a thing, however he liked to see him from afar instead of so up close. This is one of the few pictures with all of us (me included) in the picture.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Madeline

I can't believe 9 years ago today, this little girl was born. She is such a sweet spirit. She is the peacemaker of the family. She is always looking out for others and willing to sacrifice her happiness to ensure the happiness of her siblings. She is sensitive, caring, and smart. We sure love her. Happy Birthday, Madeline.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I think love gets better with time. I loved our Valentine's Day this year. It wasn't necessarily what we did or how we celebrated, it was more about the feelings continually expressed back and forth that day. Mark woke up early to go do his cross fit workout and was surprised with balloons and a card. In return, I was greeted with breakfast upon his return as I got out of the shower. Mark was on call and we both had to work, so we decided there wouldn't not be much hoopla about the night. Mark had some chocolate covered strawberries (YUM!) delivered to my work and I had sent him some cookies and then we had planned to come home, go for a run and then figure something out for dinner. When we both got home, he was looking tired, so I told him not to worry about running with me, but instead if he would stay home with Chase I would run a quick 4 miles and be home. As I left for my run I told him to think about dinner and we would grab something when I got home. To my surprise, when I got home, there was a candlelight dinner all set up waiting for me. He left as soon as I got home and grabbed a to-go order he had placed. Upon his return we sat and had a nice quiet dinner together (Chase was upstairs watching an all time favorite movie, Cars 2). We then put Chase to bed and just hung out watching TV together. It was a great night and a good day to remember to continually express your love and appreciation to your partner. I love Mark and I am so thankful for all he is and all he does.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still alive

I know I have been a slacker in the blogging world lately. I wanted everyone to know that we are all alive and well.
My eyes are not working great since the surgery and computer work is the most frustrating thing of all because I literally can't see anything I am typing. Good thing I mastered the keyboard back in typing school in Junior High, so I can type without looking at anything. This too shall pass (hopefully) and life can get back to normal. Mark "reminded" me so kindly last night (or maybe not so kindly when he said I could potentially crash with Chase in the car-seriously my vision isn't that bad!) that it is illegal to drive without having 20/40 vision. So of everything that has changed over the past few weeks it is that I am a rebel and break the law on a regular basis. :) Thanks honey for the reminder!
Things we are doing...We are gearing up for our upcoming trip to Disneyland in a little over a week. We are busy with cheer leading and basketball for the girls. We are planning Madeline's 9th birthday party. We are baking Valentine's Day cookies. We are getting ready for Mark to be on call this Thursday for the next week. We are trying to adjust to Mark being gone ALOT for his new church calling. We are excited I just got called to do Activity Days in our ward with the 8 and 9 year old (Madeline is most excited about that). We are busy figuring out why Chase's skin has gotten so bad (we think he is allergic to tangerines-which he LOVES). We are planning a trip to New York in August to go on a Church history tour. We are being called into court because the Judge was upset Marcus wasn't paying child support, so we will be getting that for the first time ever. We just finished a triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 10 mile bike and 4 mile run). We are starting to train for our next adventure, a full marathon. We are busy, busy, busy, but loving it...
Oh, did I mention my FAVORITE team of all times just won the Super Bowl?!?!