Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Just a few pictures from Easter morning.  Chase got his favorite toys, "squinkies".  These are tiny little plastic toys in his favorite characters.  He carries them around with him day and night.  He sleeps with them and takes a bath with them.  They are so tiny, we are always hoping they don't get lost or we end up on our hands and knees searching for them.  But the Easter Bunny knows what that little boy loves more than anything and got him some.  Here he is so excited.    
 The girls were excited for their baskets too.  Pencils, papers, books, hair supplies, chapstick and some candy.  Who can be upset with that?
Cassie thrilled to be up so early in the morning (thanks, Chase and Madeline!)
 Chase lining up his beloved "squinkies"

shot at

I was minding my own business on the freeway going to pick up Chase when I car came up very quickly behind me.  Already speeding, I opted not to go any faster and with cars  next to me, I was not able to change lanes.  The car eventually moved over and then later as it passed my car I heard a loud noise.  I thought for sure my window had been hit by a thrown rock, but the noise was so much louder.  I couldn't see any damage however.  I noticed at that moment the car pulling past me with 2 young males looking at me with their tank tops on and baseball caps and their car window down.  Once home, I told Mark the story and asked him to look at the spot on my car that I thought the passengers of that car threw something at my car.  After looking at it, he told me they didn't throw something at it, they shot it with something.  In the middle of the day (4pm).  Obviously we called the police, who came out and took pictures and had me write out a statement.  I knew as that car passed me something wasn't right, so I had happened to write down the license plate number...just in case.  Never a dull moment at our house :).  thankfully they hit right below my passenger side backseat window.  Had they hit the window it would have shattered.  Also, thankful no kids were in the car at the time.     


Mark and I decided to take a weekend mini-vacation to Seattle, Washington.  We headed out on Thursday after work and drove a few hours before stopping at a hotel to swim, rest and eat dinner.  We then headed out Friday morning for a few hours of drive and then went to the Seattle Zoo.  We had a great time checking out all the animals and the beautiful weather.  The next day we went to the aquarium and had great food (that is one of the best parts of Seattle).  We met up with my brother, his wife and my niece for a big seafood feast at a restaurant called The Crab Pot.  Yum!!  We also took in the 3D version of the movie the Great and Powerful Oz.  Great movie, fun family time, relaxation, good food, being together.  Nothing better!!

Here was a bunch of snow that had been piled high on the mountain summit going into Seattle.  Crazy tall!! 
 Zoo pictures

 Chase could spend all day swinging on grandma and grandpa's swing.  He thought it would be funny to go hands free as he was over the edge of the rock...our hearts stopped and he was quickly lectured on the importance of not letting go.

 Chase wanted a picture of him with "Nemo"