Friday, March 15, 2013

Madeline got burned

Madeline wanted a new curling iron.  She received a gift card for her birthday and asked if we could go to the store where she wanted to purchase a new, hot curling iron like Cassie's and a bike lock so she can ride her scooter to school and lock it up.  I agreed.  We had a long talk about having to be careful with curling irons.  The can burn and they need to be turned off so they don't set the house of fire, etc.  Next day, I walk into the bathroom as she is getting ready for church and she is holding a wet towel to her arm and Cassie is curling her hair.  Upon me asking what happened, she showed me her arm and explained the curling iron fell when she was using it and she caught it between her arm and shirt before she was able to grab it with her hand.  
It looked bad.  I made some phone calls and determined it was best to put cold water and ice on it, so that is what we did.  Friends brought over creams and oils, all of which helped following the initial few hours.  Here are some pictures of it the next day.  It was HUGE.  It hurt badly.  It is still there nearly 2 weeks later, but doing much better.  

She told me yesterday she attempted to curl her hair again for the first time yesterday, however was very scared.  We had another big talk about being careful and how if she still wants help doing it, Cassie and I are both OK helping her, but she wants to be so independent...I just hope for no more big burns like this one.  

Happy Birthday, Mark

On March 3, Mark celebrated 42 years.  We had a weekend of celebrations.  Started with just the 2 of us going out for date night on Friday, then we went out to dinner as a family on Saturday and then on Sunday he wanted dinner of prime rib.  We had his parents over on Sunday and they enjoyed dinner and cake with us.
Here is a picture of Chase helping with the jello for dinner.  All the kids were excited to help make dinner for Mark
 Mark opening his birthday presents
 These are some shin skins he wanted for his cross fit.  This will help protect his legs when he climbs the rope from getting cut and burned. 
 Chase being goofy as dad opens presents
Mark surprised and sung to at the Mexican restaurant
 Look at all those candles
 He got them all blown out in one breath...pretty impressive

Dr. Seuss Birthday

Every year for Dr. Seuss' birthday, St. Luke's Children's Hospital (where I work) does an event at the local Barnes and Noble.  The store is filled with tons of different stations for kids to walk around, have fun and hopefully parents will buy books,and proceeds will go back to the hospital.  My clinic did a fishing pond this year.  Mark brought the kids to check out the stuff and here are a few cute pictures of them.
This was a photo booth
 After they made hats (Cassie was too cool to wear one)
 learning to milk a cow (maybe that is only an Idaho thing...)
 Riding the horse (or at least posing for a picture)
They also had real miniature ponies for the kids to pet, and tons of other things.  It was a fun day for all!

Chase got a haircut

This is a picture of a grumpy bear after church.  What I wanted to show was that our little man got a haircut. He had longer, bigger hair and we decided due to his hate of haircuts we would just buzz it short.  He is still handsome, but it really changed his look into a bigger boy (that makes a mommy sad that he looks so much more grown up these days...) 


Madeline has been participating in cheer leading this past sports season.  She is definitely the loudest and most spirited on her team.  She is always being asked to lead the cheers.  Unfortunately it is not always easy to get pictures.  She is the one in the green socks (it was crazy sock day).