Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer is here...

Summer is here.  One of the good parts of summer is fruit.  Chase really notices the fruit in our back yard like the cherries and raspberries.  He came in the house yesterday saying the cherries were red and ready to pick.  I looked and sure enough, so he and I picked a bowl full and he sat outside and nearly ate every last one.  

 The girls and I also get busy and planted our garden.  Here are a few shots.  Can't wait for all the veggies to start coming.  I will look very different in a month or so...

Grandma quilts

Grandma Jensen decided a little over a year ago to make each of her grandchildren a quilt.  She gives them to the kids for their birthdays.  Kacey got his while we were in Utah, as did Chase and Reyna even though their birthdays are still to come.  There is also a picture of Madeline with her quilt from her birthday.  We missed pictures with Caleb and Cassie because they got their quilts last summer.  The quilts are all individual and took lots of time to complete.  The kids love them.  

Sweet 16

When we were in Aspen Grove, we got to celebrate Kacey's 16th birthday.  Here are some pictures of his cake and birthday.  

Family Vacation at Aspen Grove

Mark's parents planned for over a year, a family vacation at Aspen Grove in Utah over Memorial Day weekend.  Aspen Grove is a BYU owned resort in the Provo Canyon area.  They have TONS of things to do for all ages including paintball, air rifles, archery, ropes course, arts and crafts, classes, swimming, family games, basketball, mini golf, volleyball, etc.  In addition to all that fun stuff, the family all stayed in a huge cabin and all our meals were prepared for us.  Beautiful area and it was so much fun to spend the weekend having fun and being with family.  There were 40 members of Mark's family, the only ones not there were the 3 kids that are out serving missions.  
Here is a picture of Madeline starting the ropes course.  Mark and I also did it.  I will testify it was high, hard and terrifying.  I went after Madeline and just kept telling myself (as Cassie kept reminding me from the ground) if Madeline could do it, I would do it.    

Kacey and Chase playing around
 Reyna at the pool
 Chase being shot out of the pool slide.

 Mark on the pool slide
 Reyna and Madeline at dinner
 Chase a little worn out at dinner time
 Western night for the family.  Chase having fun with the nerf guns
 Chase, Madeline and Reyna trying their hands at being a roping cowboy/girl
 Mark enjoying some volleyball
 Me throwing a tomahawk
 Cassie throwing a tomahawk
 family pictures
 Family fun games

End of school

End of the school year always means lots of celebrations.  Chase had an end of year program that included lots of sons, and doing a book in sign language.  He has done so great at his Montessori this year.  He is excited to spend the summer at home before digging in again in September.  

 Madeline also had a 5th grade celebration.  She will be moving on to the middle school.  This celebration included a talent show, which she participated in, but also awards and songs.  

 Cassie celebrated the end of her middle school years, as she will move on to the High School next year.  She was honored for having good grades, good citizenship and getting higher test scores her awards ceremony.  


I have a lot of pictures that didn't really deserve their own post, so now that I have quite a few I will make them into one post.
Chase and Mark went to the library one day when they were reading about Monster trucks.  Then they got to see a real life Monster Truck.  Chase was a little bit afraid.  
 Madeline getting an award at school.  
 Cassie at her cheer leading banquet.  
 We had a nest of eggs and baby birds right outside our front door.  Here is a shot (a bad one) with 1 egg that was left to hatch and the baby birds that had just hatched.  We wanted them grown and eventually fly away.  
 Chase is really into Lego's.  He even likes to build them all himself.  Here I was able to catch a photo on him in action...

 Mark was busy in the kitchen making dinner for Mother's Day.  It was yummy!