Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spring Sports

A little catch up to do...Spring sports. 
Chase played soccer this spring.  He has caught the soccer bug.  He is really quite good.  Love defending the goal most of all (which is funny because in his age group they don't have goalies). 

Cassie tried out for and made her school softball team.  This was quite impressive, since she has never played organized softball before.  She played second base and was a solid hitter. 

only one little ouchie this season.  Cassie was subbing for someone in right field.  The ball was hit right to her.  She had her glove up and the ball hit her glove (the top of it), then flipped out and smashed her in the left cheek.  For some reason, I had been standing at the gate by first base (on the opponents side-which I never sit at).  I watched the whole thing close up.  She lost consciousness and as she was going down, the center fielder who had run over to catch the ball, ran into her, which pushes her limp body the opposite way she had already been falling.  The play needed to end, so I patiently waited and watched my little one lay on the ground.  Once the play was over, umpires and coaches all went running towards her.  I then ran out myself.  When I got there, she was awake.  Her cheek began swelling right away.  The trainer checked her out, then we loaded up and took her for x-rays.  All was clear...nothing broken, thankfully.  She was positive for a concussion, which put her out of commission for a few days, but then she was ready to get back out on the field and play.  Here are a few after shots.  She was a good sport through this experience.

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