Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Reunion Fun

This year was our bi-annual Family Reunion at Limp Lodge in Provo Canyon, Utah.  This is 3 days worth of games and family fun.  There is no TV, no electronics, no service, all family time.  The kids played together and with cousins, played pool, made plates, competed in fun games and just had the times of their lives.  Here are some pictures to capture the fun times had.  
playing card games
 Cassie playing pool with grandma and cousins
 Cassie (15) with cousins Ben Jewkes (16) and Josh Novakovich (15)
 Chase trying to get an oreo from his forehead to his mouth with no hands
 Reyna and Madeline
 Reyna making bubbles
 Madeline making bubbles
 me and Mark
 Cassie doing the elephant game (knocking bottles over swinging her "trunk")
 The sock hop
 Cassie and Wes Jewkes (18) at the sock hop
 Chase and grandpa
 10th of July games...Potato sack race

 3 legged race Chase with Sophia Novakovich (5)

 Cassie and Wes
 Kacey with distant cousin Ben Larson

 Egg toss

 Pie eating contest


 All done.  Our family won quite a few gold dollars, thanks to Chase and Kacey
 Talent show....Chase decided he last minute he wanted to do a talent, so he signed himself up and did a balancing act.  He nailed it.  I have awesome video of it, but cant get it to load.  Cassie was also involved in multiple talent show acts.  Her cousin, Wes brings out the best in her.  She did a dance and 2 other skits.  I have video of the dance, but again cant get it to load.  

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