Friday, August 28, 2015

Misc. Summer 2015 fun

Hoogle Zoo fun in Salt Lake City, Utah (June)
 Chase at his swim lessons.  Passed his level with no problem (July)
 Reyna, Chase and I spent a day at Roaring Springs Water Park (August)
 Me and Madeline (June)
 Madeline receiving a surprise award at school on the last day (May)
 Chase showing off his new Lego, while spending a day with the girls shopping and trying on clothes.  He went to the doctor later this day and learned he had strep throat.  He was such a good sport, but can tell by the picture he just isn't his perky self. (June)
Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah.  We were caught in a down pour of rain.  Mark, Kacey and Reyna were in line (under cover) waiting for the new roller coaster, Cannibal.  I jumped out of line to rescue the kids that didn't want to ride it.  They were patiently waiting in the rain.  It was crazy!  Later it got super hot...never know what will happen at Lagoon.  Its rained every time we have ever gone. (July)  
Lagoon (on the train ride)
 Summer swimming meant some sun burns (even with sunscreen used). (June)
 Posing for the camera (July)
Our family had the opportunity to attend a free outdoor concert put on by the Nashville Tribute Band with Marie Osmond as their special guest.  Madeline was being her crazy self with selfies (August)
 More concert pictures with Chase "photo bombing" us.  He was quite proud of that. 

 Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts for A's on their report cards (June)
 Mark and I decided to try our hand at a local Spartan Obstacle Course.  This is the last of many hills (4 miles worth to be exact).  The course was dust and dirty and mud and obstacles and burpees ( 30 for each obstacle not completed as prescribed).  And...we actually had fun (June)

 We took it old school and went skating at the roller skating rink (august)

 Family fun times at the movies (July)

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