Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Misc. Phone Phots

Cleaning off my phone of pictures.  They are all a little random, but fun memories none the less.  
Big Hero 6 as a family
Bringing home our new dog, Brownie from the Humane Society
Chase being a sheep during the family re-enactment of the Nativity on Christmas Eve
Chase performing at his school Christmas program.  He is the one in the striped shirt.

Chase is such a big helper.  He was helping make gingerbread cookies for Christmas.  We made so many we got to eat them and decorate the tree with them.  
selfies :-)

This was the table with all the "stuff" on it prior to getting my back injected.  YIKES!!
Chase playing at an indoor playground for kids called "Jabbers".  Mark had to teach a concealed weapons class so we had a fun night together.  

Madeline singing with her school choir for Christmas.  
She is the one in the back row with the Santa hat.  
Madeline starred as the Sergeant in the school production of the Pirates of Penzance.  
New Year's Eve out to dinner with the family

Chase crashing on our way to sledding

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Mark said...

Cool pics. Lots of fun. Thanks for posting these.