Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disneyland 2014

In October we were able to take a few days and have some fun in Disneyland.  We flew from Boise late Thursday night.  We rented a car and got to our hotel well into Saturday morning.  A few hours later Mark went to pick up Reyna from her mom's house (Kacey decided he does not like Disneyland and would rather not come with us).  We got up so we could be in the park when it opened (Disneyland is not really a "vacation" when you are at the park from open to close 3 days in a row-but we love it!)  We were there for 3 days and enjoyed every minute of it.  I think my favorite thing about vacationing at Disneyland is that it is such a unique opportunity to walk around together, wait in line together and literally spend HOURS together just talking and being together.  I am sure we won't have too many more years we are able to do this, so we try to take every opportunity we can.  This vacation did not disappoint!
Waiting in line for the Cars ride.  Chase was tall enough this time :)
In our Car and ready to go!
My favorite-Peter Pan.  Everyone was intently looking at the ride as we waited in line. 
More Peter Pan
Lunch.  Disneyland does have delicious food!
Splash Mountain.  Love the faces
The Disneyland parade.  It was so hot outside (end of October) we were sweating, ice cream was melting, but it was great!

Lego store.  Chase's FAVORITE thing of the trip
Day #2-Luigi's tire

Tow Mater's junkyard.  

Toy Story Mania.  This is a family favorite.  
Cassie and Madeline decided to ride the big California Screaming roller coaster.  Cassie went with me-so no pictures, but once Cassie had gone, that was enough to convince Madeline to go.  She was nervous.  This was the take off.  They both enjoyed it.
Monster's University
Tower of Terror-we are in the front row on the right
Waiting to go into A Bug's Life
Goofy's kitchen.  Another Family favorite.  The kids get to get autographs from all the characters, plus they love the buffet food and the fun times.  Goofy was being silly with Cassie.  

This Autopia car sits in the Disneyland Hotel.  We take a picture in it every time we go to Disneyland.  It doesn't move, its just a photo opportunity
Day #3-Toon Town jail

Chase was so happy to get to meet Buss.  He couldn't get an autograph because of his "laser lights on his arms" but a picture and a hug was enough for Chase.

Nearing the end of Day 3 Mark left with Reyna and had dinner with her and Kacey.  We decided to stay in the park and watch the Pixar parade (it was so awesome).  While waiting we got caramel apples (also a tradition that everyone gets one they want).  Here are the kids showing off their apples

Showing off souvenirs

Captain America was at Disneyland.  All the kids were thrilled to see him.  Chase because of the super hero aspect, Madeline for the adventure aspect and Cassie for the handsome aspect of the guy.  
We went back to the hotel, had some In and Out Burger and crashed!  The next day we got to sleep in, pack up and fly home.  Can't wait to go again!!

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