Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014

Some of our Christmas pictures.  Chase was very eager to go downstairs.  He was trying to patiently wait for everyone.  He actually slept until about 8am, so we are not talking super early (thank goodness)
He finally got Reyna up and ready to go downstairs.  Now just waiting for Kacey
Ok, we are finally ready to go check out stockings and Santa gifts

A highlight of our Christmas morning.  I picked up the girls from their dad's house at 10am, came home and we were then all able to Skype with Caleb for 1 hour.  We talked like this for a little bit.  

Then we decided to open presents and brought Caleb in the living room to share in the moment.  What a magical time it was to have our family all together again.  
It was fun watching them all interact. 

The kids would open their gifts and excitedly walk to the computer and show Caleb what they got.

Caleb then bore his testimony to us in French, which was very impressive.  His language is so fluent and although we could not understand all the things he was saying, the Spirit was felt.  It was great times.  I captured some of it on video and was hoping to upload it, but it is not working...

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