Thursday, May 2, 2013


Caleb, Kacey and Reyna were in town in April for their spring break, so we were able to enjoy some time together as a family (which doesn't happen too often since they moved to CA).  I thought it would be fun to update everyone with pictures, since everyone grows up and changes so quickly.  Here are a few group shots.  Chase, as most always was being his silly self and not wanting to participate, unless he had a "sword" in his hand of unless I would take a booty shot of him.  But, here is what we got...

 This is the best I got of that stinker...of course with a "sword" in his hand.  
Crazy as ever, but such a smart 3 year old.  
Reyna-9 years old 
Playing Spring soccer
 Madeline-10 years old
playing Spring soccer
 Cassie-12 years old (might I add that she has now surpassed me in height)
Just finished track for her middle school
 Kacey-14 (almost 15 years old)
Playing Spring football for his high school and weight training to get ready for football season
 Caleb-17 years old (thinking of going on a mission after his 18th birthday in July)

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