Thursday, May 2, 2013


Here are a few shots of Madeline playing soccer.  She is usually the goalie, and a good one at that.  I get so nervous for her when the ball is coming her way, but she does great blocking it from her goal.  On this particular game, the coach allowed her to play goalie for the first half and then allowed her to play forward the second half, which she loves to do as well.  She scored 4 goals.  It was very fun to watch. 

 This little man is always there to cheer on his sisters in all they do.  He wanted his picture taken too.  
Cassie did track again this year for her school and I was able to watch her at her meets, but I always left my camera at home (not on purpose).  I brought it o the last meet this week, but last minute one member of her relay team decided she hurt her knee too bad to run, so they couldn't run the 4 X 100 with only 3 runners.  Bummer!!  She rant the 4 X 100, did the long jump and the high jump this year.  

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