Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day at grandpa's farm

I have always wished I could live on a farm.  One of my college roommates grew up with cows and she would leave school to go brand cows and I was quite jealous.  Due to my allergies of horses, I am afraid my dreams of living on a farm will never come to fruition, however Mark's parents own a farm so we are able to visit it (loaded up on allergy medicine with my epinephrine pen in the glove box).  I got a call that it was time to brand horses, we I loaded up the kids and off we went.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  True farm life experience. The kids loved it (minus the cutting off of male body parts I had to explain and seeing the blood), but we couldn't stop talking about it for days.  Madeline was the photographer, so here are a few shots she got.

Cassie was there too, but with Madeline as a photographer, I am not sure Cassie was too cooperative with getting her picture taken, or if Madeline refused to take one of her, because in all the 50 shots Madeline took that day, I can't find a single one of Cassie.  Sibling to love it!!  

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