Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vacation 5 and 6

Ok, so I have finally decided I needed to finish up our church history vacation.  So, on day 5 we woke up in the morning and headed off to the Kirtland temple.  This was the first temple built, but it is not owned by the LDS Church at this time.  It is owned and operated through the Church of Christ.  We got to tour the temple and hear all about how it was used at the time and now.  I was initially disappointment, as I thought for sure the spirit would be so strong there and it wasn't.  It made me sad.  However, prior to leaving, the tour director said he would allow the group to sing a song if they wanted, so a lady in our group jumped up and went to the piano and the song chosen was "the Spirit of God", which was song on the day the temple was originally dedicated.  WOW!!!  Talk about a powerful experience.  Song invites the Spirit, and I felt it so powerful at that time.  We then headed out for pictures.  Isn't it beautiful, and to think it was all built by hand, sweat and blood.  
 with my honey!
 We then ventured to the Newell K Whitney store.  I loved it there too!
 This is the Bishop's Storehouse.  This was a place where members could come with items and exchange for what they needed.  Even today the bishops store houses are present within the church system and offer food and other items to people in need.
 This was the room that was used as the school of the prophets.  This is where much learning took place.  During our tour, the missionary giving the tour asked Mark and I to bear our testimonies.  Of all the people in the room, she picked us.  If you know me, then you know I don't do well bearing my testimony in public.  It is dear to me and I have worked hard to gain a testimony.  For me, many of the things I believe in have come with a cost to have that knowledge, so the experienced attached are so dear and personal.  I also have a fear  that because much of my knowledge has come from personal study that I sound pretty stupid and simple.  As a result, it scares me to share that with others.  Anyway, it always makes me cry when bearing my testimony and this time was no different.
 Another room where many meetings were help and lots of revelations were had on top of the Whitney store.
 This is the sawmill that was used to help build the temple.  In working order, however it is not used.
 This is the ashery.
 Finally, on the last day, we journeyed to the John Johnston farm.  Here, is where Joseph and Emma stayed. for some time.  This is the house in which Joseph was taken from, tarred and feathered and  a few days later their young son died from having the measles and then being exposed to the cold air when the mob came into the house.
 This was the room Joseph and Emma stayed in.  Isn't the floor cool!  This is original that they found.
 This is a room in the Johnson farm house that many revelations were had.
Front of the farm house.

Then we flew home.  It was a great trip with lots of learning and experiencing.  I am glad Mark and I were able to enjoy it together.

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