Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation, day 1 and day 2

Warning...there are lots of pictures.  I loved all the sights we saw and took lots of pictures.  I am able to explain lots of things through the pictures, but it may get very boring...

On the first day of our vacation, we traveled.  We left Seattle at 6am, landed in Chicago and then left and landed in Buffalo, New York around 4pm.  Then we loaded onto our tour bus and drove about an hour to pick up the other 30 plus tour members and drive about 30 minutes until we finally arrived in Palmyra, Idaho.  The following morning, Sunday, we all got ready for church, attended it together and then headed off to the home of Joseph Smith and the sacred grove.  This is a picture of the sacred grove, Mark and I in the sacred grove and then Mark, me, brother-in-law Matt, and Mark's parents in the sacred grove.  

 We then changed clothes, grabbed lunch and headed to the park.  There, our tour guide, Susan Easton Black (a BYU professor) told us all lots of history and stories.  We then got to explore the Erie canal and the locks before heading back for a tour of the Joseph Smith farm.

Once back at the Joseph Smith farm, the missionaries toured us around the grounds.  Here, from the Joseph Smith log house you can see the new Palmyra temple between the trees.  We actually went there on day 3.  It was great.   
 Here is the replica of the Joseph Smith log house.
 The Smith family members all did different work to help the family financially afford their farm.  Mother Smith would hand paint rugs and sell them.  This is a replica of a painted rug.  This rug is in the frame house that Albert Smith started building before he died.  The Smith family eventually moved into the house once it was completed, but due to financial issues was forced to leave it and return to the smaller log house.
This is the frame house that Albert was instrumental in building prior to his death.  
 This is the fireplace in the frame house that Joseph Smith actually hid the golden plates in to prevent them from being found by the mob continually searching for them.  The frame house is 80% original, including these bricks.
 This is a room that Emma and Joseph stayed in shortly after being married in the frame house.  This flooring is actual flooring from then.

 After spending time at the Smith farm, including the born, the apple orchard, etc. we left and headed up the street to Hill Cumorah.  This is where Angel Moroni directed Joseph Smith to the golden plates.  This is also the place that the Hill Cumorah pageant is held yearly.  Inside the visitor center are lots of costumes from years past.  Apparently it is an amazing pageant if you can make it there in July.  

We also got to see the home that Martin Harris lived in, however due to missionaries residing there, we were unable to tour it.  The day ended with a delicious dinner and off to bed in the Palmyra Inn.

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