Thursday, June 5, 2014


I have a lot of pictures that didn't really deserve their own post, so now that I have quite a few I will make them into one post.
Chase and Mark went to the library one day when they were reading about Monster trucks.  Then they got to see a real life Monster Truck.  Chase was a little bit afraid.  
 Madeline getting an award at school.  
 Cassie at her cheer leading banquet.  
 We had a nest of eggs and baby birds right outside our front door.  Here is a shot (a bad one) with 1 egg that was left to hatch and the baby birds that had just hatched.  We wanted them grown and eventually fly away.  
 Chase is really into Lego's.  He even likes to build them all himself.  Here I was able to catch a photo on him in action...

 Mark was busy in the kitchen making dinner for Mother's Day.  It was yummy!

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