Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter festivities

Easter is always a good time.  The kids love the decorating of eggs, the egg hunts, Easter baskets filled with goodies and then also remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This year was no exception for fun times.  

  Saturday before Easter, we joined in some fun Easter egg hunts.  We always participate in a local Easter hunt put on by the fire department.  We got there and Chase was a little hesitant to do it.  He said he wanted to go home (I am sure he didn't want to fight for eggs), but as soon as it started he jumped right in collecting eggs.  He picked up about 10 eggs, but 4 of those 10 eggs had "prizes" in them instead of candy, so he was super excited.  He got a coloring book, a big foam airplane, a slinky and something else.  He was all smiles leaving.

 Then we headed to grandma and grandpa Palfreyman's house for their traditional egg hunt.  The kids LOVE this tradition because not only is there candy in the eggs, but the eggs all have some money in them.  Most have quarters, but some have dollars.  Chase was hoping to get enough money to purchase some Lego's, and Madeline and Cassie wanted enough each to buy new nail polish.  They all met their goal averaging about $12 each.

 Easter morning brought early morning church (like normal) and then seeing what the kids got in their baskets.  Then we enjoyed a nice relaxing day with a delicious traditional Easter dinner.

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