Saturday, November 9, 2013

October 2013-in review

I have been missing from the blogging world for some time.  I think getting my feet under me with my new job, going to night school as well as all the other things that take up my time, I just frankly have not get around to blogging.  I thought I would just capture October in one post. 

This is Chase.  He loves the bath and bubbles.  Here he is being a bunny rabbit with a cotton tail.  He thought that was pretty funny!
Reyna had a birthday.  She turned 10 years old on October 14.Happy Birthday, Reyna!!
 Chase and I went to Seattle over a long weekend to visit grandma and grandpa.  We enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend.  We ventured into the city (off the island) to meet up with Uncle Scott, Aunt Ashley and London at the Science Museum.  On our way there we ran into Darth Vader and a storm trooper.  Chase was thrilled to take a picture with them and it made his day.  
 Chase made a smashed penny at the science museum. 
 Chase displaying his Monsters University scary face while on the ferry.
While we were in Seattle, Mark went to California to visit Caleb, Kacey and Reyna.  They enjoyed time together.  Reyna was able to show off her soccer skills during a game, Caleb got some new shirts for his mission during a shopping spree, they enjoyed eating out and time on the beach.  Mark was also able to set Caleb apart with a higher Priesthood in preparation for his mission. 
Last weekend of October we got the opportunity to spend a weekend in Park City, Utah.  The weather was beautiful.  We hiked around, swan outside (yes, in late October in Utah) and went to Olympic Village.  We did zip lining, alpine sliding and a ropes course.  It was such a fun weekend, we didn't want it to end.  Back to reality, I guess... 

 Halloween time.  Here are our pumpkins everyone carved.  Chase had batman (I know that is shocking considering his attire and nearly permanent face mask these days-also seen in Park City pictures)
 Madeline carved a bunch of eyes into her pumpkin
 Cassie decided to go for Superman.
 Chase did one more pumpkin at school, a vampire.  He said it was just missing its cape. 
Halloween costumes...Chase-batman, Madeline-Greek goddess, Cassie-Indian, Courtney-Darth Vader, Mark-Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle

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