Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family Reunion Fun

Our family does a family reunion every other year and has since I was a young child.  It is held at a lodge owne) we decided we would load everyone up, take days of work and go enjoy a few days of fun.  These days are loaded with tons of activities, so there is always something to do.  There is sleeping at the lodge, but my sister was able to use someone's amazing cabin, just up the road from the loadge that had 6 bedrooms adn 7 bathrooms, vs. the lodge that is 65 beds and 4 shower stalls (2 for the ladies and 2 for teh men).  Kacey, Reyna and Madeline decided they wanted to stay in teh lodge, so they slept there.
So, we arrived on Monday in time to check things out, pick out beds for the kids that wanted to stay and then it was dinner time.  After dinner, they showed a slide show of last years reunion and then offered dance classes.  Mostly the kids partook of the lessons.  
Reyna and Madeline learning some mad dance skills 

Chase showing off his prize possessions that didn't leave him all day/night (have I ever mentioned he has hoarding mentality? but we love him lots inspite of it) 
My dad...just hanging out.  He is normally found at the reunion with a book in hand and snacks by his side.  this was a glimpse of him without his book.
This was a favorite past time for the older kids and cousins.  Mark and Kacey taking in a game of pool
Mark and Kacey, just hanging out
Chase, playing fussball.  He has a bandaid on his nose from a fall up concrete stairs he took the first night we were there.  Someone brought him in, blood all over his face.  We were not sure where the blood was coming from...I figured he needed stitches or his teeth had been put through his lip, but after a good washdown, his nose was the source.  I thought perhaps he broke it beucase it was swelling and bruising pretty fast and he just wanted to be snuggled without any cloth touching his nose.  He eventually asked for a kiss and a bandaid, which in his world fixes everything.  We did as asked and when we took the bandaid off the next day at his request, no swelling, no bruising and it would only bleed if he started crying.  He said, "see I told you". 
Cassie and Chase playing fussball
Mark and I having a mad game of ping pong
Chase, being goofy!
On 2 of the days at the reunion, they pulled out this big sheet of plastic and put it down the hill with water running over it and created a fun "water slide" for the kids to enjoy.  Here is Mark and Chase doing down
Kacey at the bottom of the slide
Our kiddos at the top of the slide
Kacey going down
Reyna going
Kids doing a train down the slide, cousin Weston, Reyna, Madeline and Cassie
More train fun, Madeline, Chase, cousin Liz and cousin Sophie
Mark got in on some adult fun playing volleyball
They had a night of "good luck" games that offered a variety of events that anyone could do.  This was the Elephant walk.  It consisted of trying to knock over bottles on the ground by swining the ball from your head.  Here is Madeline taking her turn
Mark and Chase making big bubbles
This game consisted of unwrapping a piece of bubble gum in your mouth (no hands) and then chewing and blowing a bubble. 
Kacey participating in an M&M game where you have to suck an M&M through a straw and put it into your cup before someone rolls doubles on dice
Chase playing his elephant game
Reyna at the elephant game
Cassie doing watermelon seed spitting contest
Reyna making bubbles
Cousins LOVED being together.  We don't get to see them much due to them living in Utah and Alaska, but it was great having the kids together for a few days.  They all got along well. 
Chase trying to move an oreo from his forehead to his mouth withouth his hands. 
Cousin Sophie and Chase enjoyed chasing each other and being buddies over the days
d by BYU called Timp Lodgein Provo, Utah, right above Sundance.  I haven't been to a reunion since Cassie was almost a year old (and she will be 13 years old in just a little over a week).  So, after 12 years (6 reunions

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