Friday, June 14, 2013


Tuesday, we got to just relax.  We had nothing planned for the morning.  I was able to sneak off while everyone was sleeping and explore Orange County while out on a run.  It was hot and humid, but enjoyable (until I stumbled upon the homeless population).  We then decided to check out the beach and get In-N-Out Burger (yum!).

Then later that day, the reason for the trip...Caleb graduated from High School!!!
We went to the graduation, which was held on the school's football stadium.  It was held at 5pm (probably the hottest part of the day and we got there 2 hours early for good seating), but in the end it was all worth watching him walk across the stage and get his diploma.   

Congrats to Caleb!!!
Wednesday morning we picked up Kacey and Reyna (Caleb wanted to stay in California to work this summer prior to his mission, save money, hang with friends and work on his Eagle Scout project, and I think it also probably had to do with a certain girl that sat with us at graduation) and headed on our long journey home.  We stopped that night (after 10 hours of driving) and stayed in a hotel in fabulous Winnemucca, Nevada.  Then Thursday after 4 hours of driving we were home.  Glorious home!  I love vacations, but I love coming home!!!

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