Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soccer, sports and updates on kids

It is soccer season and this year Madeline has been chosen to be the team goalie.  She loves this position and the responsibility that comes with it.  She has done a great job playing the entire games and keeping the other team from scoring.  She gets a little nervous prior to her games, but always does her best and has fun, which is all that really matters in the end.  Her season is coming to an end this weekend.  

As for an update on the other kids...Reyna is also playing soccer in California and is having a good time as well.  Hopefully we can get some pictures of her playing soon.  Kacey is involved in his high school football team on the freshman squad and is enjoying his playing time.  Mark will be there in a few weeks to see each of them play.  Cassie is currently in the process of trying out for her 7th grade basketball team and Caleb is busy working his part time job at Chick-file.

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